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Referral Partners

We have partnered with some of the best practitioners in healthcare and wellness. We enthusiastically recommend the following providers. 


Seeking to swap out pain and discomfort for energy, strength and mobility?

Working with a movement specialist is one of the fastest ways to take the guesswork out of getting fit and increasing mobility. We utilize exercise science, focusing strongly on corrective exercise, along with movement methods from dance, athletics and restorative practices (i.e. yoga, Pilates) to allow you to walk faster and be quicker, stronger and more agile. We don’t train you to be better at lifting weights. We train you to regain mobility and increase flexibility in ways you thought were no longer possible. This is the core of what movement training is; re-educating your body to move exactly the way it wants to while handling any level of activity without fear.

MWE’s custom training sessions will help guide and inspire you to reach your movement goals by integrating your unique needs with our best practices. We want to help make in-person and online fitness and training accessible for all. Our bodies are meant to move and thrive while being essential to our overall health and wellness. Humans are designed for movements like squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, twisting, and crawling - though, habits of a lifetime of sitting and inactivity can put those natural functions out of kilter. This is why MWE is dedicated to providing custom and tailored programs to help our members achieve a life of increased activity while experiencing less pain and discomfort.


Helping adults in Colorado Springs overcome pain and injury to be able to live an active life, Head to Toh empowers and educates individuals through patient centered care.
Imagine receiving healthcare where you truly feel heard and all of your concerns and needs are thoroughly addressed. Imagine having all of your issues addressed at a root cause level, and having your healing, long term wellness and personal goals as the top priority at all times. Imagine getting answers and solutions to pain or movement issues that you have been dealing with for years and being able to return to activities or sports that you have been avoiding. And imagine having an ongoing open line of communication with your therapist to address any new concerns that may arise along the way. This may have not been your experience before but it will be with Dr Benji and Head to Toh Physical Therapy. 



NUTRITION: Are you sick of being told that you can eat this, but not that? Do you ever wonder why some foods are better for you than others or how your body utilizes the food that you eat? I want you to understand the why behind what we eat, so that you can make informed choices. Making sure that all nutrients are included in our diet is important for the function of our bodies as well as helping with disease states. We all have different needs and cannot use what is best for another person to dictate how we should live, eat or exercise. 

COOKING: Do you ever want to do more cooking in your own home? Are you apprehensive about using the cookware that you have or about the time that you need to complete a meal? I will come to you and help you to take control of your kitchen! We will learn to use the cutlery, cookware and stove that you have to get the most out of your kitchen in the limited time that you have. We will spend 2 hours making you the multi-tasking cook while cooking a nutritious meal.


We’re so glad you found us! We are Denver’s premier pain relief clinic, specializing in therapeutic massage and bodywork.

You can rest assured with us that you’re getting the best care in town, with advanced assessments, bodywork and customized protocols.

We’re committed to your long term results, and no treatment is the same. We’re committed to using science-based techniques, and no gimmicks. We’re dedicated to uncovering the source of your pain, so you can relax, knowing it won’t return.


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